Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leona, I shall yog thee

I signed up for Leona Yog several months ago.  I was really looking forward to it, as it had a ton of stuff going for it.  The American Hero decided the event would mark his return to the ultra scene for the first time since defiantly tearing off his wristband at mile 93 of Western States in 2011.  The Suffer Seeker signed up, needing redemption after last year's shameful DNF.  Geronimo quietly added himself to the entrant's list.  Even legendary distance yog dabbler/ Insanity workout enthusiast Scott Sundahl decided to make his 50 mile debut.  The course itself is about as gentle and painless as you could ever imagine while still being a legit 50 miler.  I've survived four 50 mile OTCYs up to this point, and this would be a perfect opportunity to put in a wee bit of training and actually try to race one. 

Then stuff started happening.  The American Hero and Suffer Seeker, showing the lack of resolve that has marked their recent DNFs, slithered into the darkness and declared their intentions to DNS.  Geronimo refused to answer my calls or e-mails about whether or not he was going, and if he wanted to carpool.  The advent of Maya's terrible twos and a series of other life factors limited my preparation to one single Lake Hodges 'thon yog a few weeks ago.  The race director sent out a mind boggling e-mail indicating that much like Stevie Janowski at the cookout in season 1 of Eastbound and Down, she was one of the only cool people around and was very disappointed to find herself surrounded by a bunch of posers and hos and shitheads.  There was a brief glimmer of positivity when the great BSK decided to take the Suffer Seeker's bib and make his ultra debut, but then he flip flopped and decided against it.  If I were the type to look for signs, everything imaginable would be telling me, "DO NOT YOG LEONA".  But it's all had the opposite effect on me.  I'm going.  I'm fucking going.  If every force on earth is trying to keep me away from this event, then that's exactly where I'm going to go.  Something worthwhile is going to happen there.  I'm sure of it.  Screw you guys...I'm yogging Leona.