Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This blog is like life!

It started randomly with no real purpose, I never work at it so it never amounts to shit, and when it's gone no one will ever remember it.

A couple years ago I paced my friend Geronimo at Western States.  It was awesome.  He was completely unphased by the physical challenge of the race.  Total confidence.  Total calm.  We went from outside the top 100 at Bath Rd to cracking the top 50 at the finish line, comfortably shuffling past all kinds of physical and mental carnage along the way.  Geronimo has a blog that he very rarely contributes to, but in one of his last posts he equated ultrayogging to life, and made a number of apt analogies.  Geronimo's outstanding performance with such a ho hum attitude has been something of a running joke between Suffer Seeker and I, as SS last year and this year I take our own stabs at Western States.  "Yeah, don't worry about training for a 100 miler, it's just like life, sometimes easy, sometimes hard, sometimes supported, sometimes on your own, longer the better, bla bla bla..." 

Anyways, surfing through the blogosphere a couple weeks ago I found another post from a very accomplished ultrayogger where she equated trail races to life, also with several apt analogies.  It suddenly hit me  that although these analogies always seems insightful, life is probably the most non-descript word out there.  It encompasses everything.  In fact, there's not a single object, concept, event or whatever that cannot be accurately compared to life.  It's a fun game!  Pull anything out of your ass, come up with the 3 ways in which it's like life.  This post started with example 1A.  Now I need to come up with some rules and make a drinking game out of it.  I should probably copyright it though before some shithead comes along and makes millions off it.